Top Spots to Cast a Line to Catch a Giant Barramundi, Saratoga and More

Are you looking for a great place to fish in Darwin? If so, you have plenty of options to explore and select from. Darwin is named, as one of the popular destinations if you’re fond of catching Barramundi, Saratoga and more. In fact, apart from locals, many tourists are attracted to this lovely region. It’s a region that is famous for various other landmarks too. Whether you’re planning to go alone or with your family or friends, there are several amazing spots. The beauty of the coasts is something to boast about this wonderful region in Australia. Moreover, you could guarantee to gain a wonderful and unforgettable experience. On the other hand, you could also go on a tour or ride lavishly in a charter.

Make sure that you research more about these spots, prior to driving to the areas. As a matter of fact, you would be able enjoy the sceneries. As much as it would be thrilling and exiting, you need to be aware of other information such as permits too. On the other hand, there are boat rides that offer locals and tourists to roam around the rivers and harbours. Given that, here are several top spots for you to consider:


  • East Point Rocks

East Point Rocks is a spot that attracts many individuals who are fond of this sport. So, you could leisurely go here without selecting Darwin barramundi fishing charters. Since, this is labeled as a marine sanctuary, you should be aware of the rules and restrictions.

That is, individuals are only able to use a basic rod and reel. Moreover, any marine above the length of 30 cm should be released back to the water.


  • Elizabeth River Bridge

You could breath in air and stand at a convenient area on the Elizabeth River Bridge to fish. If you wish to tour around this area, look for Darwin tours too. With that said, this gives a great view of the Darwin harbour, which is a short distance from Palmerston.


  • Rapid Creek Footbridge

 On the other hand, rather than going on a barramundi fishing Darwin tour, this is one of the best areas for fishing too. The reason being, that the mangroves provide abundance of nutrients to marine life. Moreover, there’s also a platform, known as the Peter Mahony, which is wheelchair accessible. Furthermore, fishermen could get a good catch during a medium or high tide.

So, pack up your gear, research about these locations and go along alone or family or friends. Or, you could select to go on pre-arranged tours. On the other hand, the waters of the Northern Territory are home to crocodiles too. Hence, enjoy your expedition but make it a point to be careful. Moreover, refrain from taking children below ages nine or ten, if you’re not experienced in fishing.