Tips To Help You Choose the Ideal Event Venue

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation or some other type of milestone, your venue is the foundation for everything else. The same applies for corporate events. Though your venue selection need not be in Kardashian-style fashion, there are still a few key attributes a proper venue should have. After all, if you are willing to fork out the money, you have the right to expect certain things from them in return, though of course what you can aim for depends on your budget. Here are a few guidelines to help you through, which will also be useful when laying out your budget. When you know what you need, you know not to cut it out of the expenses list.

How Many People Can Fit?

Actually, before you even think about putting together a budget, you need to make a guest list. You can put together one roughly, and then adjust as required. Having an approximate number at the least will help you narrow down on potential venues which will make your life so much easier. Think about how many websites you will have to scour through if not. Plus, you want to make sure your guests are comfortable and not smashed together like sardines in a tin. If you think your list might be a little too full, it might be time to really slash it down.

The Weather

No event planner or organizer for that matter has ever hoped for rain on the day of an event, and we do not think they or you will start now. Sunny days are prayed and yearned for to ensure everything operates smoothly. However, this is hardly something that is in our control. Which is why you need to prepare for anything. Unless hail is forecast for the day or a cyclone, you should still be able to host your event at the venue. Plan for rain and shine so you are safe on both ends. If it is a completely outdoor event, look for proper coverage so your guests do not end up soaked. Or ask the venue if it has an indoor area it can be moved into just in case.


Where you will be hosting your event that is. If you have no idea yet, start thinking about where you think you might like to have it. That way, you can narrow it down even further say a function space hire Geelong for instance. Which, once again will make the entire process far more efficient. If you have minimal time to prepare, this is a useful way to reduce the workload. You also have to consider how far your guests will have to travel, if they all can make it (or at least a majority), and how they will get there.

Competent Staff

Unless you have been there before yourself for another event, there is no way to gauge what the staff might be like. You could either read reviews or ask friends and family on their thoughts if you have not. Reviews and forums especially will be useful for you to understand the community’s general attitude about the venue’s staff. Make sure there will be enough employees on hand to assist you, especially with sounds, food and décor.


Image: Affair