Facts about Toastmasters

Who are Toastmasters? Have you ever come across this term, especially in terms of leadership and public speaking? It is a non-profit making organization that is spread across over 106 countries that have a member base of approximately 250,000 that are committed and active in their respective clubs. These clubs are dedicated for excellence in communication and leadership and are aimed at improving skills of people in the fields of impromptu speaking, speech evaluations and prepared speeches. Here are some fun facts about toastmaster which will make you want to become one.

When was it established?

The history of Toastmasters dates back to the year 1924 of California where it was established by Ralph Smedley who identified the need of the ability of speech for young men. Note that initially this movement only allowed the participation of men. However, as time passed and the world decided to give women equal rights, women too were allowed to join Toastmasters if they wished to improve their communication and leadership skills.

 Who can join?

Toastmasters are not limited to any country, ethnicity or social group. It presents an open invitation to all youth above the age of 18 who are determined to improve their skills of public speaking and leadership. In fact, the member base of Toastmasters around the globe is highly diverse with equal men and women participation, people of many age groups and from various occupations varying from management trainees to self-employed individuals. Therefore, the aim here is not only to become the best resilience speaker but also to excel in whatever field you are engaged in as well.

Where do they meet?

There is no identified location as to where they meet. Toastmasters meetings happen everywhere in the world, all the time. In fact, there could be a Toastmasters meeting happening somewhere in the world right now while you are reading this article. Therefore, spanning over 90 countries, these meetings will be hosted, generally one a week for the members to meet and improve their skills.

Why should you become one?

If you are an individual driven with the need to go ahead and get the fear of public speaking out of your system, this is your call. Becoming a part of the movement of Toastmasters allows you to become a better public speaker than you ever dreamed of, to gain the confidence to fearlessly face challenges and to become a successful leader.

Therefore, make your time productive and become a part of the Toastmasters and allow yourself to be polished and face the music alone and bravely.


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